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1 BCD – Binary coded Decimal and Excess 3 code

BCD – Binary coded Decimal and Excess 3 code

What are BCD codes (Binary coded Decimal) DecimalBCD code00000100012001030011401005010160110701118100091001 Applications of BCD Codes What are excess 3 codes? An excess 3 code is formed by adding 3 to a given binary number ...
2 What are Gray codes

What are Gray codes

What is a Gray code Application of gray codes The output data of many physical systems are quantities that are continuous. These data must be converted into digital form before they are applied to a digital system. Continuous or analog ...
3 1’s Complement & 2’s complement

1’s Complement & 2’s complement

Difference between 1’s complement and 2’s complement - Binary Number system One’s Complement The 1’s complement of a binary number is obtained by complementing all its bits, i.e. by replacing 0s with 1’s and 1’s with 0s. Example: Find ...
4 Types of number system

Types of number system

A number is a mathematical value used for counting or measuring or labeling objects. Numbers are used to perform arithmetic calculations. The study of number systems is one of the important processes and basic steps that is to be followed while ...
5 Number system conversion

Number system conversion

Decimal to number system conversion To convert a decimal number system to a binary number system division method is used. The given Decimal number is divided by 2 until the quotient is less than 2. To convert the fraction number to binary ...
6 Binary Subtraction 1’s complement and 2’s complement methods

Binary Subtraction 1’s complement and 2’s complement methods

Binary subtraction is performed using one’s complement and 2’s complement methods 1's complement Subtraction method Step 1: Find the ones complement of the subtrahend Step 2: Add the subtractor and ones complement of the subtrahend Step ...
7 Binary addition

Binary addition

Binary addition can be performed in a similar way as that of decimal addition Step1: Write the equivalent decimal value for the given number Step2: Perform binary addition Example: Add +3 and +5 using binary addition 3+5=8 == ...
8 Basic logic gates

Basic logic gates

A logic gate is a physical device implementing a Boolean function. Logics gates instant decisions depending on the inputs. There are three types of logics AND, OR & NOT and can be expressed in Algebraic form Now, most of the Logic gates ...

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